Code of Ethics

NAMSGlobal Credo

“No surveyor shall take any position contrary to his or her own knowledge or opinion for any direct or indirect monetary gain or its equivalent.”


The following Code of Ethics has been approved by the NAMSGlobal Board of Directors and is binding on the association members.

  1. Preamble
  2. Fundamental Principles
  3. Marine Surveyor Professional Conduct
  4. Disciplinary rules


The standards of the Ethical Conduct and Ethical Practice delineated herein are intended to guide and ensure the objectivity of the marine surveyors who are members of the National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc., hereafter designated “surveyors” in the performance of their duties. It is recognized that the members’ competence and knowledge reflects their respective abilities and qualifications. These standards establish the guidelines and procedures that will permit a surveyor to act in an ethical and objective manner, thereby upholding the integrity of the association and its members.

Each surveyor in the performance of his or her profession stands in a position of trust in relation to the NAMSGlobal and his or her clients. NAMSGlobal holds paramount that the fundamental responsibility of each member surveyor is to provide impartial professional judgment. Each member surveyor must strive to give the highest caliber of professionalism in all dealings with clients, associates, and fellow members.

Marine Surveyor Fundamental Principles

Surveyors shall uphold and advance the integrity, honor, and dignity of the marine surveying profession by

Marine Surveyor Professional Conduct

These canons express the standards of professional conduct expected of NAMSGlobal members:

Marine Surveyor Disciplinary Rules