Membership Requirements

You can view or download a membership application here. Please note we have an updated application as our annual dues have increased as of 1 January 2016. If you have downloaded an older application, you may download this more recent one or just cross through the old dues amount and write in the new amount of $500.00.

However, if you have not yet done so, we encourage you to first read all the information below.

NAMSGlobal Applicant Experience Credit and Qualifications Procedure

To be considered for NAMSGlobal membership, applicants must meet the criteria below and complete the application process.

You can view or download the information concerning the Associate and Apprentice Yacht & Small Craft Eduction Program here.

Please contact the NAMSGlobal National Office if you require additional information about membership.

Marine Surveying Experience Requirement

For Certified Marine Surveyor (CMS) status, the applicant must have at least five years of experience as a marine surveyor, with no less than fifty per cent of his or her business time devoted to the professional practice of hull, machinery, marine facility, cargo or yacht surveying. OR Applicants shall have no less than two years of activity as a marine surveyor, plus additional experience attained in the marine industry that is closely related to marine surveying.

Applicants who have not fulfilled the requirements for CMS status, but who have attained experience as a hull, machinery, marine facility, cargo or yacht and small craft inspector in government or private industry may apply as an associate NAMSGlobal member. The time completed for such service will be credited on a 1 for 2 ratio with a maximum of three years of credit allowed against the five-year requirement for CMS. Should the associate member have the required five years in this class necessary to qualify for CMS status, he or she will be eligible to apply for CMS status.

Apprentice applicants, once screened and accepted as apprentice members may, after a one-year tenure as an apprentice member and after completing at least fifty marine survey engagements, apply for associate member status. If this member is not elevated to associate status, he or she must, at the end of three years, apply for full membership within six months of the three-year term. Therefore, a NAMSGlobal apprentice in good standing who has been active in marine surveying for three years may apply for CMS status without becoming an associate member.

Qualification For NAMS-CMS Status

Prior to making application for NAMS Certified Marine Surveyor (NAMS-CMS) status, NAMS-CMS candidates must obtain a minimum number of fifty (50) qualification points from the activities listed below:

NAMS allows for experience attained in the marine industry that is closely related to marine surveying to be credited on a 1 for 2 ratio. The NAMS Qualification and Certification Committee will from time to time review such experience, and if accepted will award one (1) NAMS equivalency for each two (2) years of actual experience.

Applicants with less than the minimum required marine survey engagements for their discipline, but with more than twenty five (25) qualification points may be considered for NAMS Associate Membership. Associate members may apply for upgrade to NAMS-CMS status after two years in grade. Associate members in good standing must apply for NAMS-CMS status within sixty (60) days following their five year anniversary date as a NAMS Associate member. Failure to make application for NAMS-CMS status within the sixty (60) day period may be grounds for terminating the Associate’s membership status in NAMS.

Associate member NAMS-CMS candidates must schedule a NAMS-CMS examination date to occur not more than ninety (90) days after the candidate has received notice from the NAMS National Office that he or she has successfully passed application screening (the date of “invitation”). A candidate’s Associate member status will continue until they have successfully completed the examination process, or until they have failed to comply with other requirements of Associate member status.

NAMS Apprentice applicants will have a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years to obtain the minimum survey engagements and the requisite qualification points to apply for NAMS-CMS status. Failure to satisfactorily achieve the requisite number of survey engagements during this period will be grounds for terminating the applicant’s membership status in NAMS.


NAMSGlobal-CMS members in good standing may be assigned to screen membership application packets, which include the experience and references of each NAMSGlobal and NAMSGlobal CMS applicant.


Following successful screening, each CMS candidate will be tested in the discipline for which he or she has demonstrated skill and experience. Once having satisfactorily passed this initial examination, CMS members may sit for the examinations in other survey disciplines.


Applicants for all three levels of marine surveyor membership in NAMSGlobal require the sponsorship of NAMSGlobal-CMS marine surveyors. The intent and purpose of such sponsorship is to provide the applicant with professional guidance from one or more experienced NAMSGlobal-CMS surveyors. It is best therefore, that the sponsoring NAMSGlobal-CMS surveyors operate in the same marine surveying discipline as the applicant, and be readily available to the applicant. NAMSGlobal is divided into a number of geographic regions, and the Regional Vice Presidents and the NAMSGlobal National Office can assist potential applicants in identifying sponsor candidates.

NAMSGlobal Apprentice applicants require sponsorship from a NAMSGlobal-CMS that will direct and supervise the Apprentice on a day-to-day basis, providing training and oversight. NAMSGlobal Associate applicants require sponsorship from three NAMSGlobal-CMS surveyors, so that they can readily access a variety of professional guidance. NAMSGlobal-CMS applicants require sponsorship from one NAMSGlobal-CMS, who may already have provided sponsorship to the applicant if the applicant is an existing NAMSGlobal Apprentice or NAMSGlobal Associate member.

Sponsors for NAMSGlobal-CMS candidates will also be responsible for verifying the marine surveying engagements NAMSGlobal-CMS candidates present for Experience Credits. This is best done by the sponsor reviewing and verifying a log of engagements that is kept by the NAMSGlobal-CMS candidate. Following verification, the sponsor will provide notification to NAMSGlobal, and such notification will be submitted by the NAMSGlobal-CMS candidate with their current application screening packet.

If you would like to download a membership application, please click here.